CommuniPower Group Coaching

CommuniPower Group Coaching

Communications is an important part of our everyday lives but mastering the art of communication takes time and effort. CommuniPower group coaching is an 8-Week Group Coaching setting that helps you strengthen your communication skills with strategies that fit your needs.


Shonte is an International Speaker who has spoken on many stages with a signature talk on Communication. Shonte has experience with communication in relationships, workplace, leadership, and family. Schedule a consultation today to BOOK HER FOR YOUR NEXT EVENT.

Booking Travel

Shonte is well versed in the travel industry with a lot of her own experience in traveling. Book a consultation today to discuss your travel needs

Business Consulting

If you are unsure about the condition of the communication within your organization, please schedule a consultation with Shonte to do an in-person examination to develop strategies to develop the organization communication.